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Long-lasting benefits

Research shows that providing your children with a positive preschool program has beneficial long-term effects on their long-term education. Experts have found that children who attend high quality preschool programs have better vocabularies and more advanced literacy and math skills than children who don’t.

In addition, children in preschool programs have advanced social skills and are more adaptable to changes and new situations.


Foundation for education

For many children, kindergarten is the foundation of their education. It is a time for both play and learning, two facets in which there is a great deal of overlap. Kindergarten is a big step for children, and a huge decision for many parents. Consider that the quality of education you choose for your children at this stage in their development has great relevance in the long run.

Our kindergarten focuses on developing your children’s skills so that they approach school with confidence, excitement and eagerness.

Summer Camp

Seasonal fun for your kids

Our exciting summer program integrates creative and cultural themes in a safe, experiential setting. Your children will explore music, art, baking, sports, drama, dance and science. Every day, they’ll venture to our outdoor play space, and go for on organized trips throughout the city.

The tempo of our summer camp is adapted to our campers. Rain and shine, we create a memorable summer experience.

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